Everyone is familiar with the benefits of Botox® to look better, and now this same treatment can help you feel better as well. A limited number of dentists, including those at the Vancouver Dental Spa, are now certified to use Botox® as an effective solution for the effects of jaw tension, migraines and TMJ disorder.

Stress, fatigue, and even depression have been linked to jaw muscle tension. Sleep can be disrupted. Grinding and clenching cause severe physical discomfort, damage to the teeth, which can also be painful and costly to remedy. Another risk associated with overly tense jaw muscles is damage to the actual temporomandibular joint. Physicians tend to rely on bruxism treatments such as anti-anxiety medications, and physical therapy to provide patients with relief. While some patients did enjoy moderate success with these solutions, they do not effectively treat the true source of the patients’ discomfort—tense jaw muscles.

Botox® treatment for TMJ is a simple, non-surgical procedure where the reconstituted protein is injected into specific muscles in the head and neck area blocking nerve impulses to the affected muscles, putting an almost immediate end to patients’ tension troubles. Botox® injections target only the problematic muscles, so jaw function is uncompromised.

It is reasonable for the treatment procedure to be completed within 10-30 minutes.  In a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, two-thirds of patients found Botox® therapy curative of their TMJ symptoms after only one session.Some patients find that the troublesome muscles begin to atrophy after a few sessions, so injections can be performed increasingly less often and may eventually become unnecessary.

If you suffer from jaw tension or jaw pain and are tired of “solutions” that aren’t really solutions at all, contact the dentist at the Vancouver Dental Spa today and ask about Botox therapy. This could very well be the relief you have been looking for!

(Botox treatments are not the solution for everyone. Your dentist will perform a thorough examination to determine the best treatment for your condition and symptoms. Other treatments include mouthguards/ nightguards/NTIs, exercise therapy,  and/or bite therapy.)

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