A beautiful smile and healthy mouth require more than routine brushing and flossing. Keeping teeth strong and gums health requires the help of your dental team - for regular examinations and to remove hard deposits and stain. Regrettably no restoration lasts forever, at your examination we will examine the condition of your teeth and existing restorations so that you are aware of any developing concerns. During most exams we will address both any immediate issues that should be addressed, as well as any problems we perceive happening in the future (i.e. a large filling that may eventually require a crown because of it's size and age).

Our practice offers preventive care that includes regular oral examinations of your head/neck,  teeth, gums, tongue and surrounding tissues as part of our oral cancer screening. We will also be looking for cavities, gum disease, problems with your bite (how the teeth come together), your jaw joints and whether you are happy with the color and aesthetics of your smile.

In addition to 'cleaning' your teeth, our hygiene team will help determine how frequently you should come in for cleanings (removal of deposit and stain) and fluoride treatment, desensitizing, sealants, professional breath control, and periodontal (gum disease) treatments. The 'recall' schedule for each client is determined by their individual needs, to help you maintain your smile’s health and beauty and keep your teeth and gums strong and disease-free. 

Even clients with complete dentures / false teeth should have the tissue in their mouth checked annual. We'll also professional check your denture and make any necessary adjustments. 

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